August 16, 2016 Board Meeting

By August 10, 2016Board Meetings

Board Meeting Agenda


The purpose of the study session:

  1.  Board members will have a final bond discussion.
  2. 21st century technology infrastructure and instruction discussion.
Pledge of Allegiance

 Community Comments

  • The public will be given an opportunity to address the Board.
  1. There is an agenda time limit of 30 minutes, maximum, for public comment.
  2. Patrons who wish to address the Board are asked to sign up prior to the meeting on a sheet
  3. provided at the door.
  4. Those addressing the Board are each given 3 minutes.
  5. There is no sharing of the 3-minute period.
  6. There will be follow-up with a staff member, with oversight from the Superintendent.
  7. Representatives of a group are given 5 minutes.
  8. The Board may ask for the group to raise their hands to see how many are in attendance for a specific issue.
  9. If a large group needs more time, the Board may arrange a time for them to meet with district
Note: Community Comments – Time set aside for community comments is not a time to discuss specific personnel issues. Personnel issues are not appropriate discussion items for an open-meeting environment. If you have a personnel concern, we as that you contact a member of the administration or put your concern in writing and address it to the Board of Education.


Claims for July

Routine Business

  1.  Budget Report
  2. Personnel Reports
  3. Alpine Foundation Report
  4. Student Releases (FM)

Action Items

  1. Calendar for the 2018-19 School Year.
  2. Bond Resolution – Consider Adoption of a Resolution Providing for the Holding of a Bond Election in the Alpine School District for the Purpose of Submitting to Voters the Question of the Issuance of $387,000,000 General Obligation Bonds.
  3. Resolution #2016-013 – Authorizing Easement Access
  4. Resolution #2016-014 – Purchase of Scott Holbrook Home in Lehi

 School Reports

  • Dr. Shane Farnsworth – Middle Level Schools
  • Dr. John Patten – K-12 Overview

 Board Members’ and Superintendent’s Information Items

Closed Session

  • A closed session will be held to discuss personnel, property, matters of litigation and collective bargaining.

Special Accommodations

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, individual needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting should notify Elizabeth Wilson, 801-610-8460, at least three working days prior to the meeting for a complete copy of this agenda, with attachments, please go online to

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